The results of the corrective rehabilitation program on the gait of amateur athletes with long-term consequences of brain injury
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Department of medical sciences and healthcare, Kharkiv State Academy of Physical Culture, Ukraine
Submission date: 2022-09-05
Final revision date: 2023-10-17
Acceptance date: 2024-01-24
Publication date: 2024-03-30
Corresponding author
Larysa Anatoliivna Ruban   

Department of medical sciences and healthcare, Kharkiv State Academy of Physical Culture, Klochkivska street, 99, 61058, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Wiadomości Lekarskie 2024;77(2):233-240
To study the results of the quality of life, the state of vestibular disorders and the nature of walking of amateur athletes with the consequences of a combat craniocerebral injury after rehabilitation treatment according to a correctional program.

Material and methods:
Under observation were 38 men aged 25-42 years with long-term consequences of a closed craniocerebral injury in the late long-term period. All patients were involved in amateur sports before injury. The following research methods were used during the examination: VAS, tests Lovett, Bohannon. «Timed Up and Go test».

Patients of group 1 (n=20) were engaged in the PNF method, kinesiotherapy, classes on the sensory treadmill C-mill and Hunova, and segmental-reflex massage according to the developed program. The quality of life indicator on the VAS scale in patients of group 1 had a statistically significant difference (p<0.05). The results of Lovetta's manual muscle test indicated an increase in the muscle strength of the extensor and flexor muscle groups of the lower limbs; balance index according to Bohan's test in all patients Gr.1 and acquired statistical significance. According to the "Timed Up and Go" test, Gr.1 patients approached the standard value. In all patients Gr. 2 studied characteristics had positive dynamics.

Individual selection of physical exercises, development of correctional and rehabilitation programs, multidisciplinary approach has a positive impact on changes in the functional state of amateur athletes, quality of life and contributes to the return to an active social life.

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